Friday, 20 December 2013


Hello friends! today i am going to share a BIRTHDAY CARD  with u. I was so happy when i was making it .Here i used scrap book pages . I took the sap green color paper as a base for making card. I cut out the circles of five different colors.
  I used pink, orange and yellow color for making flowers and a wedding card for making the cute little flower. I cut out the paper strips and pasted by rolling them.

                           I used plane drawing sheet to make the cake. i made the cake by using sparkle
                   I cut out the shapes of leaves of different colors like red , yellow sky blue and other. I made the flowers by cutting the circles of different sizes and different colors.
                               I wrote the sentiment with red sketch pen and golden sparkle pen.

                             THAT'S ALL HOW I MA DE IT
                                                                  THANK YOU
                                                      HOPE U WILL LIKE IT
                          WAITING FOR YOUR COMMENTS


  1. Beautiful card Gudiya!! Loved the colours you used and the flowers are looking very pretty!! :)